Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 20 / 2020 - Edition : 3

The Design and Simulation of MPPT controlled DC-DC Boost Converter As Solar Battery Charger

Bassam Al-Hanahi
Burak Akin
power electronics in power grids (from mobile phones to smart power grids)
In this paper, the design of MPPT controlled DC-DC boost converter for PV charger application is presented. Duty cycle of the designed converter, which operates in 50 KHz, is controlled directly by Incremental conductance algorithm in order to track maximum power point of the PV panel that is changing in response of variation irradiance of sunny day. The designed converter is used as interface unit for matching 24V battery bank (20AH, 12V, C/5) with CANADIAN SOLAR CS5C-90 panel. The overall system is built and validated by using MATLAB SIMULINK. The simulation is performed under two cases of environmental conditions which are slow and fast changing conditions. In addition, the performance of simulated MPPT system is measured in term of tracking efficiency, conversion efficiency, and response time. The simulation results show that the proposed converter has averaged tracking efficiency of 98% and 97.55% and averaged conversion efficiency of 98.52% and 98.24% for slow and fast changing conditions respectively, and response time in the range of 70 ms, which is measured over the simulation time of 2.5s for both conditions. These results express the high performance and effective operation of designed converter, as compared with other systems in literature
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