Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2019 - Edition : 1

A simple Human Simulating Intelligent PID for wind turbine Control under wind speed variation

Abdelhaq Amar bensaber
Mustapha Benghanem
Abdelmadjid Guerouad
Mohammed Amar bensaber
power electronics
The biggest disadvantage of direct current vector is that the PI control is a linear regulator which is suitable just for linear time invariant systems. However, wind turbines components work as nonlinear systems where electromechanical parameters change frequently [3]. DFIG WT is an attractive solution in variable wind turbines [1, 2] because of its advantages like reduces losses, minimum cost, an improved efficiency and power control capabilities [2]. Inspired by the PID simplicity, a Human Simulating Intelligent PID is suggest to contribute with some important features like simplicity, flexibility, self-learning and heftiness ,ameliorate respond time, dealing with grid requirements. The variable speed wind energy generation system is validated in the Matlab/Simulink environment and the simulation results obtained confirm the effectiveness of the HIS-PID.
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