Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 20 / 2020 - Edition : 1

Encompassing Monte Carlo Estmator with fair division method in determination of best suited methods in photovoltaic systems under partial shading condition

building electrification
Solar photovoltaic system is an emerging technology for renewable power source, but some natural and undesirable changes like shadows of tower, trees, buildings, passing clouds, brings major losses in power. In order to overcome this issue, two different interconnection schemes are studied and compared between each other. Minimum distance Average (MDA) is a method based on clustering algorithm used to improve the power loss for different shading conditions. Fair Division Method (FDM) is yet another method which is found to be efficient in partially shaded conditions. These two methods are examined under four shaded patterns, Short narrow (SN), Short wide (SW), Long narrow (LN), Long wide (LW). The performances of each method are studied and compared using Monte Carlo Estimator (MCE) and the results are presented based on the working of proposed methods.
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