Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2019 - Edition : 1

PLL-Less Adaline-Based Control of self Supported DVR for Grid Voltage Distortion and Imbalances

Shubhendra Pratap Singh
Abdul Hamid Bhat
power electronics
For shielding voltage sensitive loads from diverse power quality problems (Voltage harmonic distortion and voltage sag/swell) a wide variety of custom power devices are used. For the mitigation of above mentioned power quality issue, dynamic voltage restorer (DVR) is widely used custom power device. In this paper, a self-supported dynamic voltage restorer is discussed. The control methodology based on calculation of unit templates is used for dynamic voltage restorer (DVR). PLL-Less Adaline (Adaptive linear element) Artificial Neural Network is used to extract the fundamental component of load voltage and reference load voltage is obtained. The performance of this technique is better than the other existing techniques and it is very simple to implement, less complex, very flexible and robust in nature. In this paper, designing of main system parameters such as VSC-DC link capacitance, ripple filter and AC side inductance is given in detail. The simulation results for voltage harmonic distortion, balanced voltage sag/swell, unbalanced voltage sag/swell, balanced voltage sag/swell with harmonic distortion and unbalanced voltage sag/swell with harmonic distortion shows the viability of DVR controller.
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