Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2019 - Edition : 3

The Random Pulse Width Modulation Technique for VSI for Harmonic-Spectrum Spreading Noise Cancellation

electrical machines and drives
The Power electronics switch based voltage source inverter (VSI) based induction motor drive are budding in almost all the industries due to their controllability. The pulse switch modulation (PWM) is a main coin for the VSI performance and liability to control the drive. However the PWMs are not intellectual for reducing the high frequencies spectrum noises. The PWM is responsible for give more control degree of freedom and les harmonics spectrum noises. In the paper, the random PWM (PRWM) scheme is developed for VSI connected indication motor and study on noise reduction of the line voltage. The proposed RPWM method is capable to build a gap in the line voltage spectrum at choosy frequency in human hearing range. The proposed RPWM is developed for 1 kHz to 4 kHz carrier frequency range and voltage noise spectrum is studied for both MATBLAB based software simulation and low scale experimentation for RL using PIC microcontroller platform. The Analysis, simulation and experimentation validating the proposed RPWM. Keywords: Random Space Vector Pulse width modulation, Acoustic noise, Power spectral density (PSD), three phase voltage source inverters, resonant frequency excitation.
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