Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 18 / 2018 - Edition : 1

Hyper-Spherical Search Algorithm for Optimal Sizing and Allocation of Capacitors in Radial Distribution Systems

Mohamed Abd-El-Hakeem Mohamed
Farag K. Aboelyous
industrial electrical power systems
Abstract: The target of this work is to increase the annual net saving via hyper-spherical search algorithm (HSSA). HSSA is employed to obtain the optimal sizing and allocations of candidate buses to contribute effectively in decreasing the total costs and system losses in different distributed systems. Power loss index (PLI) is utilized to find the candidate buses with highest possibility for capacitor banks installation. Then, the developed HSSA is employed with inequality constraints to determine the most elected buses for installing and sizing shunt capacitor banks. HSSA is tested on IEEE-15 bus, IEEE-69 bus, and IEEE-119 bus systems. Applying the developed algorithm to minimize the objective function with inequality constraints shows its ability in dealing with different radial systems. Simulated results are presented and compared with others to verify the effectiveness of the developed HSSA.
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