Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 17 / 2017 - Edition : 2

Islanding Detection By Phasor Measurement Unit in Distribution Network

Anil Kumar
industrial electrical power systems
Renewable energy sources like Wind, Sun, and Hydro are seen as the reliable alternative to the traditional energy sources like oil, natural gas, coal. Recent development in distributed generation implementation into secondary distribution system near consumer ends has created some new difficulties for utility engineers islanding detection is one among them. This paper is dedicated to the islanding detection by phasor measurement unit. Phasor measurement unit is the device that measure voltage magnitude, phase angle, and frequency from a three phase voltage measurement unit. In this paper frequency is used as a measurement parameter for islanding detection. The islanding detection method define in the paper used the frequency difference between the two location and compare them for the threshold time. The frequency difference between PV station and utility grid is the main index to distinguish islanding from other tripping event. MATLAB/Simulink model is used to validate the result of the sample system in different conditions like another generation trip, large load trip, and islanding condition. Simulation Results validate that the frequency difference result for the islanding event are different from the other tripping event and normal condition operation.
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