Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 17 / 2017 - Edition : 3

Optimization with Adaptive Fuzzy logic controller of Photovoltaic pumping System

Bensmail Samia
Rekioua Djamila
power electronics in power grids (from mobile phones to smart power grids)
In this paper, an application of adaptive fuzzy logic controller (AFLC) to a photovoltaic pumping system is presented. A comparison of results obtained with AFLC and with those obtained with classical control Perturb & observ. (P&O) is made. For the subsystem pumping, we use the model expresses the water flow output (Q) directly as a function of the electrical power input (P) to the moto-pump, for different total heads. The pumped water is used to satisfy the domestic needs of a family during two different days with an example of profile insolation. The results obtained by simulation using Matlab/Simulink are presented.
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