Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 20 / 2020 - Edition : 2

Loss minimization and load-ability improvement in distributed power system using mixed-integer flower pollination optimization algorithm

Arul Ponnusamy
industrial electrical power systems
The increasing need for electricity shows the importance of electricity generation on the distribution side. The transmission loss reduction also becomes as one of the key issues to be resolved. The location of Distributed Generators (DG) and size of DG has to be identified, as the power system has many buses. So optimal allocation and sizing of DG is required. The distribution system is reconfigured with new tie switches, which improves the voltage profile and minimizes the loss. In this paper, the loss minimization and system load-ability improvement are used as multi-objective. The 25 % weight is given for loss and 75 % is given for load-ability. And a new mixed integer flower pollination algorithm is used here for solving this multi-objective function. Here the DGs considered are the synchronous inverter. So, it supplies both real as well as reactive power. The power factor can be optimally chosen from the algorithm. Here the test system of IEEE 33-bus distribution system is used. And the results are compared with previous technique.
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