Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 20 / 2020 - Edition : 4

Assessment of Position Control of DC Servomotors with PID and Sliding Mode control approach

santosh kumar suman
electrical machines and drives
A position control of a class of DC servomotors is addressed in this article via a novel adaptive PD with sliding mode control approach. This paper contracts with the specific type of robust control i.e., sliding mode control for position and speed controlling of a DC servo motor. The paper contributes synthesis and investigation of DC servo motor with sliding mode controller and a conventional PID controller. This process has done through the modeling and simulations are carried out and their performing is assessed in steady as well as in transient state. In this way, the DC servo motor position drive is tricky to parameter assortment and load agitating impact, a generous control approach in light of sliding mode is comprehended. The proposed approach has the extra favored outlook that, for outside disturbance, it only requires a bound to exist, without needing to know the magnitude of this bound. The proposed controller is applied to control a model of uncertain induction servomotor subject to significant disturbances and a model of DC servomotor with unknown parameters and uncertainty in load this article, the usefulness of the projected Procedure is validated by performing simulations using MATLAB tool. The simulation results demonstrate that the role of sliding mode based arrangement is supplementary robust than fixed gain PID controller.
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