Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 18 / 2018 - Edition : 2

Modeling and Implementation of the Direct Torque Control Technique Used in a Relevant PV-powered Pumping Application

Sebastien JACQUES
electrical machines and drives
The main purpose of this paper is to model and implement the direct torque control technique for driving a single phase induction motor in a low-cost and easily transportable photovoltaic-powered pumping system. To achieve this goal, a comparative investigation of the performance characteristics of different control techniques, such as closed loop scalar control (voltage/frequency) and indirect field oriented control Technique, is presented. From this study and according to complexity, robustness, difficulty of implementation and cost, an accurate and simple photovoltaic water pumping sys-tem is developed. This system is based on a single-phase motor supplied by a three-phase inverter using the direct torque control method. This standalone photovoltaic system is dedicated to water pumping, especially in rural areas that have no access to national grid but have sufficient amount of solar radiation. Simulation modeling (Matlab / Simulink) and experimental test results are presented to demonstrate the effectiveness and relevance of the proposed system designed for industrial use.
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