Journal of Electrical Engineering : Volume 19 / 2019 - Edition : 1

Comparative Analysis of Two Inverter Topologies Considering Either Battery or Solar PV as DC Input Sources

Mohammad Ahmad
B. H. Khan
Anil Kumar Jha
power electronics
In this paper, a comparative analysis of two inverter topologies is carried out for the same RL load. The first topology uses cascaded H-Bridge (CHB) Inverter. The second uses new Multi-level Scheme having Two Level Modules and H-Bridge. Both topologies are studied under two types of input sources: (i) battery and (ii) solar PV panel. The simulation is done in SIMULINK / MATLAB Software. The Total Harmonic Distortion in output load voltage / current and Active / Reactive Powers obtained from both the schemes considering one of the two types of inputs, battery and solar PV panel are compared. It is found that for low input voltage range second scheme is better as it has low THD. And for high input voltage range, first scheme has fewer harmonic. However, the Active power and reactive power are more in new multilevel scheme. As the number of switches is more in cascaded inverter scheme, hence it is costly and has more switching losses for the same input voltage. It is also observed that the results are almost similar for both types of input sources. A capacitor is used across PV panel to reduce spikes in load voltage waveform and hence improve THD.
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